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Storm Collectibles - Mortal Kombat - Kintaro 1/12 Scale Action Figure


KINTARO belongs to the Shokan, a race of towering half-human, half-dragon hybrids known for their massive strength and their extra pair of arms. With tiger striped markings, sharp fangs, claws, and feline-like feet, he is the only member of his race seen thus far to have these unique features. As an enforcer for Shao Kahn, Kintaro vowed to take revenge on the Earthrealm warriors responsible for demolishing Goro.


  • 3 x Interchanging Head-Sculpts
  • 4 x Interchanging Pairs of Hands
  • 1 x Fireball
  • 2 x Sub-Zero’s Iced Arms
  • 7 x Damaged Effects
  • 1/12 scale