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Black Series Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Clone Trooper (Kamino) 6" Action Figure


Brand Hasbro

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The Black Series Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Clone Trooper (Kamino)

Clone Troopers Were Grown On The Planet Kamino From The Genetic Template Of Bounty Hunter Jango Fett And Made Into A Highly-Efficient Military Force
The Republic Clone Troopers represented the future of galactic warfare.  So symbolic were they of the times, the galaxy-wide conflict that saw their debut took its name from their ranks: The Clone Wars.
  • Detailed 6-inch scale Clone Trooper (Kamino) from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Feature New Black Series box design.
  • Includes character-inspired accessories
  • Expand and enhance Star Wars collection (Additional products sold separately)
  • Yellow Color Series #01