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Journey the Imagination

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Six-Arm Action Figure, 6 Inch


Brand Hasbro

Peter Parker has had enough of being Spider-Man. Peter feels miserable about all the anguish he has had to endure. When his best friend Harry Osborn has become a junkie, his close friend Captain George Stacy died in his arms, and Gwen Stacy – Spidey's girlfriend – wrongly blamed Spider-Man for her father's death, Peter has a fatal thought: for Peter Parker to live, Spider-Man must die!

Spidey brews up a chemical cocktail intended to terminate his spider powers. Peter takes the cocktail and falls into a troubled sleep in which he fights all his enemies, while enduring excruciating side pains. When he wakes up, he notices a ghastly thing: he has six arms. The potion has increased his spider powers rather than nullifying them.

"The Six Arms Saga" is a story arc of Spider-Man.  It spans the issues Amazing Spider-Man #100–102 (1971).

  • Comic-inspired design
  • Premium articulation and detailing
  • Collect other Marvel Legends Series figures (each sold separately)