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Quest Toys, journey the imagination.  Toys can be collected, but toys are best at play.  While we all wish we had that "mint in box" 1977 Kenner Star Wars Jawa with vinyl cape stored away in a safety deposit box, but back then, wasn't it more fun to pretend that the Jawa was something more?  For me, he was a seasoned warrior that join several other figures to create an elite team to take on special missions to destroy the Empire.  Many afternoons were spent on these galactic journeys, and my box of Star Wars figures were right beside me, helping me expand my imagination.

At Quest Toys, we sell toys and play sets that can be kept at collectibles or which can be opened and enjoyed and relive an adventure, or use your imagination to go on a journey to wonderful places and simply enjoy play.

As a toy collector and someone who still loves to play with toys and be inspired to dream, we seek to have a mix of harder to find toys to go along with mainstream selections.  We will continue to expand our catalog as we grow and hope to become a place that you will check first as you begin your toy adventures.

Thank you and we hope you will become a fan of Quest Toys and begin your journey of the imagination.