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Star Wars The Black Series - Luke Skywalker & Ysalamiri 6" Action Figure


Brand Hasbro
The Black Series Star Wars - Luke Skywalker & Ysalamiri

Five years after the destruction of the Death Star, Luke Skywalker fears there is no hope as the remnants of the Imperial fleet are readied for war under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Using Ysalamiri to sever a developing Jedi clone’s connection to the Force allowed mentally stable Jedi clones to be created—a discovery Thrawn would use in his war against Luke Skywalker and the New Republic. 
  • Detailed 6-inch Luke Skywalker from Star Wars comic series: Hier to the Empire
  • Includes character-inspired accessories
  • Expand and enhance Star Wars collection (Additional products sold separately)
  • Commemorate the first 50 years of Lucasfilm with figures inspired by Star Wars books and comic